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Top 10 Classic Car registration documents

Updated: May 2, 2019

This is all about the car you loved, never had and always wanted, so lots of our favourites and some surprising choices as well.

  1. In at number one comes the Mini Cooper

  2. Running in at a close second is the Ford Escort

  3. In third place is the Beetle 1303s

  4. In at number four is the Morris Minor

  5. Crayford Cortina is number 5

  6. Triumph Herald convertible is in at number 6

  7. Whilst at 7 its the Lotus Europa

  8. Fordson Van popular choise

  9. Volkswagen Golf GTi

  10. Toyota Celica

I’m surprised by some of the choices I was hoping for a Honda s800 what’s your favourite. Thanks for reading and if you are selling or buying cars or registration documents please contact us.

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